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Director introduction
Ph.D in Law

Hyunho Choi


We sincerely welcome you on visiting the website of Korea Employment and Labor Education Institute.

The Korea Employment and Labor Education Institute is an educational institution established to contribute to national job creation through professional and systematic education in the field of employment and labor, and to enhance the correct understanding and problem-solving ability of employment and labor issues.

The Korea Employment and Labor Education Institute conducts job training for labor supervisors of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, employment and labor education in the public sector such as public officials, teachers, and public institutions, and education and training for labor and management of the underprivileged who do not benefit from employment and labor education.

  • Leading the change

    We will become an educational institute that leads change.

    In this era where 'change is survival' in the whirlwind of change, we will lead change by developing human resources equipped with the capacity and thinking to lead the future.

  • Seeds of hope

    We will become an educational center that plants seeds of hope.

    We will become an education center that sow seeds of hope so that all trainees who visit the center can harvest the fruits of happiness by forming a happy workplace culture that fosters beautiful dreams.

  • Open eduction center

    We will be an open education center.

    Our education center will be an open education center that provides on-site education to wherever employment and labor education is needed, practice-oriented education that can be immediately utilized in the field, and information that customers want at all times.